4D Nav personnel have core competencies in geomatics engineering, software engineering, business process, quality control, health, safety and environment (HSE), and offshore operations.

Our suite of in-house developed commercial software packages focus on geomatics, surveying and engineering solutions. Our software packages provide in-depth spatial data analysis and visualization for navigation in support of offshore operations requiring spatial awareness and visualization. We specialize in solving complex industry challenges. Our packages are utilized extensively during the planning phases and in real-time during offshore operations with the goal of preventing unforeseen and costly complications. Our software packages are ISO controlled to ensure integrity and to maintain high standards. 4D Nav commercial software packages include:

4D Nav provides quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) services for the drilling, construction, geophysical, and seismic industries. Our expertise lies in the realm of offshore oil and gas exploration, construction, and development, particularly in environments with complex engineering challenges. Along with qualified personnel, we provide a suite of in-house software packages and systems that provide our clients with a new view of their raw data. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to providing high quality services, products and solutions to meet our clients’ requirements in areas such as:

  • Integrated Consulting Services
  • Planning Studies/Engineering
  • Metrology
  • Array Planning
  • Array Verification
  • Construction Operations
  • AUV Operations
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Nodal Seismic Operations