In this section you will find training videos and videos that demonstrate our software products and what they can do.

Software Demo Videos

USBL Calibration

Nov. 11, 2016

This video will cover configuration and setup of a USBL calibration in NavView.

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Anchor Handling Demo

Jun. 10, 2016

The Anchor Handling feature supports multi-vessel and anchor management for barge and rig operations. This video simulates running an anchor out and showing updates between the anchor manager and anchor tug stations.

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Jackup Rig Move

Oct. 29, 2014

Here we provide an example of creating a rig move using 4DNav’s software, NavView 2.0 to simulate the move prior to execution.

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Water Injection Line Installation

Apr. 8, 2013

4DNav’s NavView software integrates real time capabilities to visualize a subsea water injection line installation.

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