New Quality Control Software, QCView

Quality Control with 4D Nav’s QCView Software

4D Nav has introduced a software package designed to provide advanced QC capabilities for offshore operations. This paper describes some of the capabilities and provides case studies. Click here to read the full white paper.

Rig Move QA/QC Operations Using QCView

Currently 4D Nav’s QCView is used by multiple clients for rig move QA/QC operations. The software provides the client with the tools necessary to determine the quality of the rig’s position in parallel but independently of the contractor. With traditional QC the client often has little raw data to base approval of the preliminary and final topside positions of a well on. With QCView, they are able to accept raw data from the contractor in real-time enabling them to verify critical components such as project geodesy, sensor offsets, rig offsets, DGPS data quality, heading data quality, as well overall movement of the rig.

QCView operates as an independent navigation and QC suite under complete control of the client. The following highlights the key features that make this a valuable tool for reducing costs and identifying positioning issues and inefficiencies:

  1. Project creation and planning. Enables the client to create their own database in the software before it is sent offshore, allowing internal checks for geodetics, DTM, project drawings, as well proposed coordinates.
  2. EPSG Geodesy database. Simplifies checks of contractor’s geodesy configuration.
  3. Real-time data input. Input of raw position and heading data facilitates identifying dimensional and offset errors as well as enabling monitoring of vessel movement during operations.
  4. Scene creation. Option to create a digital terrain model (DTM) from bathymetry data and populate it with seafloor assets such as wells, manifolds, PLETs, flowlines, etc. improves visualizing and comprehending the spatial relationship of working assets within the existing environment in real-time.
  5. Real-time catenary modeling. Real-time catenary modeling of anchor lines, both simple and complex, during rig move operations.
  6. Data logging. Comprehensive configurable data logging, including all sensors and processed vessel positions, to databases independent of contractor ensures all data required for analysis and playback is captured.
  7. RINEX logging utility. Supports logging of raw GPS data to be collected for the DGPS antennas for further verification by client of positional integrity.
  8. Remote monitoring. Using 4D Nav’s network services, QCView can be monitored by a QCView client with network access.