Ocean Infinity Awards Contract to 4D Nav

4D Nav has been awarded a contract to supply mission planning and monitoring software by Ocean Infinity. Ocean Infinity will be operating a fleet of autonomous vehicles, which will be hosted on a dedicated vessel to provide unparalleled seabed search and survey capability. The software is called InfinityView, which is key in the ability to cover a large area of seabed economically and with more accuracy and efficiency.

This complex project fits 4D Nav’s corporate profile of providing cutting edge software based solutions to the marine industry to increase efficiency and reduce costs. 4D Nav will extend their NavView and AuvView code base to plan an optimized mission plan for all of the autonomous vehicles and the host vessel by applying deep learning technology. As the planned missions are being executed all of the autonomous vehicles and the host vessels will be tracked against their planned missions and if any deviations occur InfinityView will dynamically update the mission plan to allow corrective decisions to be made and executed.

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