Connect is a game-changer in offshore metrology workflow. With project planning, data collection and analysis, and LBL network adjustments and reporting in one package, never before have acoustic metrology operations been more efficient.

Sonardyne’s acoustic instrumentation is the number one choice for subsea metrology operations. Sonardyne and 4DNav have come together to offer a full featured package allowing calculation of vertical, horizontal, and implied metrologies with direct input from the transceiver.

Connect - 4D Nav


Connect - Planning - 4D Nav

The offshore user, or user in the office, may enter the metrology project requirements, such as minimum number of baselines and number of quadrants on which to measure inclinations and ranges, and the software generates a series of steps to follow.


Connect - Flexibility - 4D Nav

If during metrology operations, it is determined that additional data is required (e.g. additional depth loops), it is simply a matter of adding a new item in planning and then collecting the data. Gone are the days of copying and pasting formulae in a spreadsheet when there is a different amount of data, or the plan changes.

Data Collection, Import and Analysis

Connect - Data Collection - 4D Nav

Connect integrates Sonardyne’s latest 6G Transceiver technology as well as precise depth sensors. Additional range, pressure, and attitude data may be imported in text or MDB formats.

Connect’s built in statistical modelling makes it quick and easy to identify outliers and erroneous data sets. Simply enter the expected accuracies for a data item and then confirm that the collected data meets the design.

Cascading Calculations

Connect - Cascading Calculations - 4D NavConnect uses a cascading calculation model, starting from attitude data, then to a vertical least squares adjustment of the depth data and finishing with a horizontal network adjustment of the acoustic ranges.

Data integrity and calculation results can be checked at each step of the calculation.

Built in Reporting

Connect - Built in Reporting - 4D Nav

There is no need for time consuming and error prone transcription of results. Connect provides built in professional report generation which can then be exported to Excel and PDF files. Connect also automatically generates IMCA standard metrology diagrams.

More information can be found on the datasheet.