Quality Health Safety Environment

4D Nav management and employees set QHSE as a top priority for all operations. Our management team takes a proactive approach to creating safe work environments for all personnel on sites where we are providing services. We constantly promote safe work practices and provide continued safety training for our employees. Each employee is held responsible to abide by company QHSE policies.

4D Nav utilizes Risk Assessment/Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to identify, eliminate and/or control hazardous conditions. Employees are trained in the Hazard Observation and Communication (HOC) Program, which enforces the thought process and communications required to identify unsafe conditions or practices.

All employees are accountable for following 4D Nav company QHSE policies and practices. We also follow our clients’ policies when under contract and take it upon ourselves to remain informed of their policies. Employees will utilize stop work practices if at any time they feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or uncertain of work practices.

4D Nav is a member of ISNetworld (ISN) which is utilized as a repository for our information relating to health, safety, regulatory compliance, insurance, employee training and competencies. Clients who are members of ISN also have access to the aforementioned information in this system.

4D Nav is certified in ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 with these standards applied to our business and operational activities. This is documented and implemented in our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems. The application and certification of the ISO and OHSAS processes verifies our commitment to meet our customers’ needs holding safety and quality as paramount.

Specific Certifications

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