RigNav offers advanced subsea visualization and rig move planning tools for use in offshore drilling and production environments.

RigNav - 4D Nav

Based on the NavView suite of positioning and navigation software, RigNav simplifies the task of planning inter-well rig moves improving the confidence and safety of operations performed subsea.

RigNav is a complete position monitoring and move planning tool. Position data from sensors or 3rd party software systems are easily interfaced to the system and used to update 2D and 3D views of the vessel and ROVs in real-time. The advanced 3D modeling provides tremendous spatial awareness advantages, especially when ROVs are working around critical infrastructure.

Subsea field data may loaded directly from client AutoCAD DWG files and used as map overlays. Bathymetric data from hydrographic surveys are easily read into RigNav’s spatial database and converted to a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) used for seabed display as well as depth and altitude calculations.

Multiple RigNav stations sharing data may be strategically located on the rig, as well as on support vessels working in the project area. IP networking using radios or satellite communications supports inter-vessel communications.

All data may be saved, making RigNav an excellent spatial asset logging tool.


  • Quickly create multi-stage move plans using graphical planning tools
  • Easily search and report on subsea hazards falling inside a safety corridor established on either side of a proposed route
  • Save move plans as report-ready PDF files
  • Visualize subsea fields with the 2D and 3D views
  • Easily interfaced to the rig and ROV real-time positioning sensors
  • Integrated spatial database adds visualization of precise of project site bathymetry
  • Model anchor chain or wire catenaries in real-time using integrated OrcaFlex module
  • Advanced dropped objects analysis tool

Move Plans

RigNav - Move Plans - 4D NavVisual planning tools allow prospective inter-well rig moves to be quickly and easily designed and analyzed. RigNav can search inside the move corridor for hazards such as structures, jumpers, flowlines and umbilicals. The proximity of each detected hazard to the move route, as well as its elevation above the seabed may be added to the move report.

RigNav - Move Plans - 4D NavFormal PDF move reports are easily created from RigNav move plans. In addition to the move route, these reports can include the seabed profile over the entire move and a tabular listing of all the subsea infrastructure falling inside the move corridor. This represents critical safety data when moving between wells with a suspended BOP.

Spatial Awareness

RigNav - Spatial Awareness - 4D NavRigNav can read precise position data directly from sensors and most 3rd party survey systems. Position data is applied to the vessel and ROV models in real-time which are then presented in the 2D and 3D views. Multiple vessels working in the same project area can share RigNav data providing a spatial awareness safety advantage for sophisticated simultaneous operations (SIMOPS).

Dropped Object Analysis

RigNav - Dropped Object Analysis - 4D NavIntegrated drop analysis allows RigNav to estimate the landing location for dropped objects of any size and weight. Inputs to the module include current profile data and the size and shape of the dropped object. A hydrodynamic algorithm is used to integrate trajectory changes as the object falls through the water column, resulting in an accurate touchdown position.

Catenary Management

RigNav - Catenary Management - 4D NavBuilt-in OrcaFlex integration allows RigNav to compute and display complex anchor wire and riser catenaries. The catenaries are updated as the rig position changes, making this feature very useful for monitoring proximity of suspended catenaries to critical subsea infrastructure as they sweep across the seafloor with the moving rig.

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