3D Modeling

4D Nav offers 3D modeling services in support of our software’s ability to display complex 3D scenes. These scenes typically consist of digital terrain models (DTM), subsea structures, riser lines, flow lines, umbilicals and vessels including ships and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). 3D scenes are composed by assigning real-world position and orientation to properly scaled 3D models. Since there is not a single industry standard format for 3D models, some amount of effort is required to transform each file or files into a useable format. The range of information available on an object can vary from an existing 3D file, such as a 3D Studio file, that only requires conversion to a useable data format to just a few pictures of the object and a drawing with dimensions.

Our personnel are familiar with, and have access to, tools that can read most 3D file formats, make the necessary modifications to transform the origin, scale and orientation of the model’s coordinate system and then export it to a format that can be used in our software.

For objects that do not have an existing 3D model file, 4D Nav personnel can render a detailed 3D model from a few pictures and a drawing with dimensions, plan and profile AutoCAD drawings and other sources. The cost of these models is often surprisingly affordable and their effect on an offshore operation can be very impressive.

3D Modeling - 4D Nav