QA/QC Services

4D Nav provides Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) services for both field and office based operations in the drilling, construction, and geophysical industries. Our expertise lies in the oil and gas industry, particularly in environments with complex engineering challenges where assurance is key.

QA/QC - 4D Nav

As an onsite QA/QC representative we provide contractor management and a qualitative insight during data acquisition. We take data analysis a step further with a QA/QC process that involves using 4D Nav software tools to analyze, evaluate and process the raw data in parallel but independently of the survey and positioning contractor.

Our processes and software packages are ISO controlled to ensure integrity and maintain high industry standards. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to providing an exceptional service and product to meet our clients’ requirements. We strive for continuous improvement and innovation of our QA/QC methodology and software. This enables us to provide our clients with a professional service that ensures confidence in projects that we are involved in.

At 4D Nav we value each and every client by providing a one-on-one atmosphere and building long term relationships. Our goal is to provide dependable, professional services to meet each of our clients’ individual project requirements.

4D Nav Services

  • Integrated consulting services
  • Planning studies/engineering
  • Metrology
  • LBL array planning and verification
  • Construction operations including pipeline installations, umbilical installations, topsides tow-outs, subsea infrastructure installations, etc.
  • Geophysical surveys including, AUV operations, bathymetric surveys, nodal seismic surveys
  • Rig moves
  • Regulatory platting

Metrology Data Assurance

QA/QC - Metrology - 4D Nav4D Nav employs proprietary certified software, including Connect QC, for the analysis of metrology surveys to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data sets. The tools that our QC representatives utilize take a rigorous approach to identifying potential issues with sound velocities, tooling offsets, data integrity, complex engineering, and final results.

Array Planning and Verification

QA/QC - Array Planning - 4D NavIn position critical projects where engineering tolerances are relatively small such as pipeline and subsea infrastructure installation or well placement in congested drill centers, project success is dependent on correctly designed, installed and calibrated LBL arrays. We utilize our QCView package and years of experience to provide a comprehensive approach to the entire process from concept design to multi user operation ensuring our clients’ positioning requirements are achieved and maintained. Combine this approach with our existing relationships among the survey contractors in the industry and we are able to not only provide assurance to our clients but also an overall team success on each and every project.

Rig Move Preparation and QC

QA/QC - Rig Move - 4D NavOur team of experienced leaders in the industry use a combination of our QCView and RigNav commercial software packages, and a proven process that includes procedures and checklists to ensure our clients’ needs for reliable and accurate well positioning are met. 4DNav provides independent well position assurance by verifying the survey and positioning data output from the vessel or positioning contractor. Our experts are knowledgeable and fully understand the complexities of geodetics around the world.

Nodal Seismic Operations

QA/QC - Nodal Seismic - 4D Nav4D Nav has taken the lead on client assurance and operational integrity for nodal seismic operations. We provide position assurance of node placement where repeatability is a driving factor. With our NavView software package we can provide asset avoidance capability in busy fields where placement and retrieval operations can easily have an impact on ongoing operations and simultaneous operations (SIMOPS). NavView uses advanced catenary modeling and spatial relationship tools to monitor the proximity of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and their tether management systems (TMSs) to in-field assets such as risers, umbilicals and mooring lines.

Construction Operations

QA/QC - Construction Operations - 4D Nav4D Nav provides QA/QC services for subsea construction projects such as pipeline installations, umbilical installations, top-side tow-outs and subsea infrastructure installations where positioning is critical. We have the capabilities and experience to validate and analyze crucial data such as cut-to-length determinations in a busy atmosphere, box-in positions, touchdown positioning and structure as-built positioning. Being able to manage survey operations offshore with confidence and innovative analysis tools has set us apart from other survey and positioning QA/QC service providers.

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